19 April 2012

Change of heart

Trying the new hair color that was sent to me by my future mil. The brand is Prettia which is made from japan. It's one of my favorite because you can dye your hair by yourself. I find this product innovative due to its easiness to apply. If you ask me how easy it could be, it's as easy as shampooing! Amazing isn't it? And what I love more about this product is that I always achieve the desired color - you can never go wrong with this I'm telling you.

Above photo was my previous hair color. I'll show you my current hair color on my next post! :)

16 April 2012

PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

What I love about having a fast internet connection is that I get to browse blogs smoothly, I don't have to wait for long hours for the buffing period of youtube videos and I get to download loads of movies and series in a span of one whole day. With that being said, you get to maximize your time and you can still do so much things. That's how great having a fast connection speed.

Furthermore, The PLDT DSL wants you to know that this summer is the perfect time to enjoy the strongest connection at home with PLDT myDSL's Great Payday sale happening on April 27 -29 2012.
All you have to do is to register to any nearest PLDT Home booth or mall nationwide, just bring a valid ID and the good thing here is that there will be no cash out and with that you can upgrade your internet package. Freebies awaits like a wifi + modem with free installation and one month DSL will be given away. That as much as 5,000php savings! Oh, and you can always apply online here.

12 April 2012

All about Martina - Martina

Martina - Martina is an online shop that sells exquisite accessories. The built of every piece of their accessory has great quality and the design is truly unique. Martina - Martina have great selections of accessories, they have almost everything to match your fashion sense!  

Take a peek of what they're selling:
 oh! This stacked bracelets are perfect for summer noh?
and it's affordable for 350php.
This neck piece is such a sweetheart! 
I would love to wear this on a formal internship or day out! ;p

And this one is such an attention seeker.
And I think this is perfect for a date night! don't you think?

By the way, Martina - Martina offers free delivery anywhere in the Philippines! 
If you are interested with these pieces, you can always check out their website here and here.

08 April 2012

Happy Easter

Top: Bangkok | Denim: thrifted | Belt: thrifted | Beret: SM Department store | Shoes: Chickflick

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you and your family will have a great day today. :)
May God bless us all ;p

06 April 2012

Running in prints and heels

Top - gifted | Necklace - divisoria | Skirt - OASAP | JC Lita inspired - Chickflick | Bag -thrifted

 Last monday, I gave my newly bought skirt and wore it for a job interview. 
Isn't the skirt lovely? - I actually got it from oasap. I immediately bought it when I saw it, I knew that this is something I would actually wear! The size is a perfect fit.  And the quality is  really really great! {btw, check out their store, they have lots of pretty things - I swear.}

03 April 2012

My Birthday Giveaway winner

First off, I wanna thank my readers/ who participated in my giveaway.
I was surprised with the amount of entries poured in- you are all awesome! :)

so... for the winner of my birthday giveaway is...