29 February 2012

Vintage love

I opt to use my itouch camera and use instagram app to take my outfit shots to have the vintage feel, since everything that I wore here is thrifted. I am very much addicted when it comes to thrifting because it feels so good whenever I find something unique and it comes affordable. Don't you agree? With that being said, let me present to you my ootd -all from thrift shop! haha

How about you, do you go thrift shopping?

28 February 2012

Birthday Giveaway

My Birthday is coming up! And I want you all to celebrate with me by joining my series of giveaway. Start of my birthday giveaway will be on March 03. So stay tune! :)

Baguio: Photodiary ii

Another set of Baguio Photodiary using Instagram App. :) Enjoy.

27 February 2012

Baguio: Photodiary

Went to Baguio last weekend to do some errands, sadly we weren't able to watch the panagbenga (flower) festival because we arrived too early and we woke up late. But it's okay, I still enjoyed our pre-summer vacay. It's my first time to go to Baguio and honestly, I fell in love with the place especially with the cold weather and the pine trees.

On our first day, we strolled, we ate at ihaw-ihaw near Burnham park - the food were delicious although it comes expensive. It's also surprising to see people who still wears their cardigans/ jackets even though it's bright and sunny outside hehehe. The locals there were so friendly especially the taxi drivers and the tinderas, and oh, I got to taste their famous strawberry taho! and my take? It's actually good! mmm..

Okay for now, I'll be leaving you with random photos. enjoy :)

Another Photodiary will be uploaded tommorrow! Goodnight!

23 February 2012

Hair Color: Failed

Decided to color my hair today using Japanese hair dye that my mom in law gave to me. I know japanese hair dyes are great because I almost tried several brands already including prettia which is my current favorite. Anyway, I was expecting that this hair color will perform well, unfortunately it didn't. 

You see, before I dyed my hair, My hair already grew and that's the reason why I want to color my hair to cover those black strands. But as you can see, It didn't do well, however I love how it made my before color vibrant. well, for now, I will re-color it using my favorite brand prettia.. I'm thinking to dye it into reddish-pink shade. What do you think?

22 February 2012

A Liebster Award

I am really thankful to Chilipina, a beauty blogger who gave this award to me. I'm feeling so much joy  whenever I receive an award just like this. Receiving one, for me, simply means that readers really appreciate what I blog, may it be fashion, make-ups or random bits about my life. So, to you, Chilipina, thank you so much for passing this award to me. I feel so blessed to have a reader like you. :)

Liebster is a German word, meaning dearest or beloved, but it can also mean favorite. The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers in order to create new connections and bring attention to their  blogs."

This is my chance to pay it forward. As part of my duties as a Liebster Blog recipient, it's my honor to pass it along to five bloggers.

Here are the rules:
  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
  3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
  4. Reveal your top 5 blog picks.
  5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog

Here comes the hard part. I have to choose 5 bloggers to give this award to. With so many awesome bloggers out there, how can I narrow them down to 5? Sigh. But of course I have to decide.

The 5 blogs that I have chosen are:

Chyrel Gomez of The Fiction I live
Carizza Chua of My Name Tag
Kaye Awatin of Styleflux
Angel of Wonderwomanrises
Valeree of Life is a fashion runway

17 February 2012

Shoephoric: Shoe lottery

The biggest shoe lottery is here! Get a chance to win 12 pairs of shoes from Christian Louboutin worth up to USD18,000.00 or 12 pairs of sneakers worth up to USD200.00 each from Shoephoric! Joining is absolutely free!

How to join? Simple, just follow this easy steps.

1. Comment with your name and email address, and I'll be sending you an invite for this contest. Check your e-mail and look for the subject “You’re Invited to Join the first Shoephoric Match to win Challenge”
.... here is the sample email content that you will be receiving

2. Click "Click here to register and Play" at the end of the message. Just follow the registration instructions and voila, you're set to play.

..But how does this game works?

This game is similar with lottery, you will be given  3 chances to submit  your combination shoes. You will be asked  to pick a shoe combination out of 59 selections. However, if you cannot decide, you could always use "Quick Pick" button.

The contest will end once 500,000 entries has been submitted. So, hurry up now, Join this contest and win this fab fab Louboutin babies! :) Good luck! :)


Strolling around sm department lead me to something worth buying - COZY. This flat shoes is something that I would love to have in my shoe closet. They are the cutest and most comfortable flats that I ever wore. 
These babies comes in variety of colors and prints that will surely give an outfit an exciting look to it. And the best part is, It is very affordable for P399.50 you'll be able to score 2 pairs for these lovely flats. Hence, the other flats that is printed costs P499.50 a pair.

So if you want to own one, I suggest you visit SM Department store and look for this cute babies! By the way, I bought Red and blue one and I'm planning to buy them all - if my budget permits. hahah :)

06 February 2012

Accessorize on sale

Accessorize in on sale up to 70% off for their Autumn winter collection to give way for their upcoming collection. Hurry now ladies, Check out Accessorize on SM Southmall now before they ran out of stocks :)
Who knows, you might get something you like for an affordable price.

04 February 2012

I'm one happy girl

Hello Lovelies,

I just wanna let you guys know that I have finally bought a JC Lita shoes in Lace black. I know, I know I am too late for this, but what the hell, I don't care. You know, I have waited long enough to buy this booties :) Thanks to my dear bf and sister who gave me this! :) I'm such a happy girl :)

//and oh, btw, if you live in the south and have no time to do online shopping, you could always go to ruins and look for chickflick shop :) They have varieties of shoes on hand but on limited sizes only.

03 February 2012

Say no to angry brows :)

Did the title just made you laugh? You see, I have a very thick and unruly brows and I just want to boost my confidence. So, when I read about Mar's brow dying experience, right then and there I knew I have to get my brows done at Brow studio salon.

So, I along with my bf went to there studio to have my brows fixed. I availed their brow definition package. It's a brow tinting (matches your hair color) with reconstruction of brows - to achieved that perfect arch.
anyway, after I told the salon personnel what I wanted, she then asked me to sit on their fab, purple and cozy couch. The process took for like 30-45mins. I think it varies on how thick or thin your brows is. The salon personnel bleached my brows for like 10 mins, after that she already put color onto my brows and let it sit in there for like 20-30mins or so. After that, she fixed the arch of my  brows, I was constantly telling her not to make my brows thin because it doesn't fit me. And that girl, really did listen to my concern. and after a couple of minutes fixing it, she handed me the mirror, and I was surprised on how EXCELLENT she did my brows.  I was very impressed! I'm telling you, I have tried numerous of salon who have threading services, but this woman really stood out, she was very keen on what was she was doing, she even don't make chika while doing my brows. :)

Anyway, with the service and quality that I received from them, I'm giving 5 out of 5 stars. Brow studio, if ever you get to read this post, please please commend that woman who did my brows. 
I think she really deserves it. :)

So, what do you think of my brows? you be the judge. :p

And, to update you guys, it has been a month and half, and my brows still looks the same like the picture above. :)  To know about Brow Studio, you can check out their Facebook.

01 February 2012

Zooey Deschanel on New Girl

Let me start this short review off first by saying that I am a huge fan of Zooey Deschanel. I just love her from the moment I watched her film 500 days of summer. Anyway, onto my review, Zooey who is Jess in this tv series has quirky persona. It's story of a woman who moves in with three guys to deal with her break-up issues. I personally think that this show is awkwardly funny and fresh at some point. And I gotta say that this show has potential, and I just hope the show make it.

Anyway, what I love more about the show is how Jess dress up. I find it very cool and interesting. Just to give you an idea, Jess likes to wear something feminine and adds a little surprise. Jess is more of a dress//skirt//blazer//flats with bows (in different colors) //color blocking.  
For an instance, she wears this bold red dress and she pairs it with electric blue flats with a bow. It's pretty interesting and I must say that she somehow influence me with the way I dress. :)

Have you seen this show? Let me know your thoughts. :) Goodnight.