09 January 2012

Happy 2012

Hello Lovelies.

I know, I know I haven't updated this blog for ages - All because of my three months study at Genting, y'know I need to concentrate to my studies and give my whole attention to it because this my break for the job that I wanted. So.. I am terribly sorry for my blog and for my readers as well.
I have loads of backlog posts on hold for posting but will try to update more often.

Anyway, I would like to ask you readers how are you? or shall I ask, How was your Christmas and New year? I hope you all have a great one cause I had an amazing one too!

Just to share, My second family had a dinner at Mr. Kurosawa (a Japanese resto) at Resorts world Manila, and I shall say most of their dishes tasted delicious. I actually had fiun looking at their waiters because they have this funny hairstyles that is really striking hahhaa, think the hairstyle of air bender, one of their waiters had that, and I must say It's pretty cool.

Next, we strolled around the area and found out about this shoe store, Michael Antonio. It was one of the fanciest shoe store I have seen. and oh, before I forgot to mention, I was surprised that the price range of the shoes of MA is effin' affordable! It ranges for 2000 - 5000 for heels and what's really nice is they only have one design per size. Fantastic isn't? For an amount of 2k you'll be able to get a designer shoes plus you won't be bumping into somebody who apparently does have the same shoes as yours. :)

Again Ladies, Happy New year :) Til my next post!