28 March 2012

Iphone Apps

Hello dolls!

I was very busy this past few days, that's why I wasn't able to blog. If you follow me on twitter, I was planning to sell my itouch and buy new phone. And the first thing that I want is a Blackberry, but when I'm about to buy one, my boyf told me to get an Iphone instead because I might be missing all the apps I used on my itouch. So.. I finally gave in and bought one. Tada! And since, I'm posting this, might as well give you a list of the apps that I'm currently using. 

21 March 2012

Meet my Fur babies!

Hello dolls!

Today, I'm not going to blog about anything fashion related. I want to dedicate this blogpost to the cutest, lovable and the sweetest fur babies that I own. And now, I want you all to meet Fifi, kofi and koko :)

19 March 2012

7 pretty things I found online

I can't get away from window shopping online.. 
And I can say that I have found some interesting stuffs that I wanted to buy, unfortunately I'm on a tight budget now. Anyway, I'll just show you the things that I fancy! And oh, I have entered the links of the shops, you girls might want to check it out if you're interested :)

16 March 2012

My Digiperm Experience

Hey dolls, I want to share with you my digiperm experience at Status Salon, Robinsons Galleria.

By the time I arrived at the Salon, I went to their front desk to tell them that I wanted to avail their digiperm. And the staff there was friendly enough to accommodate me. She then pointed out Bryan -  the one who will do my hair. As Bryan directed me where to seat, he told me that he's going to cut my hair, At first I said no.. but he kept on asking me so eventually, I said yes.

14 March 2012

Sky high fuschia-pink wedges

Hey dolls!

I got my order from The maine shoes but let me give you a brief description about this shop first.The Maine shoes shop  caters  affordable and quality made MTO (made to order) shoes. The shop usually copies designer shoes and bags, in addition to that if you fancy any shoes that's not available on their albums, you can always ask the shop to quote a price for you. And oh, if you ask me how long will it take to make one, it's usually 2 weeks :)

So, 2 weeks ago, I received the shoes I ordered from maine. I didn't expect anything about this shoes. But when I saw it, I must say that the quality is good and they were successful in copying the shoes.. However, I am not liking the suede texture of the shoes, but - let me tell you that it's really okay, doesn't really bothered me that much.

Okay now, I'll stop blabbering and show you the shoes I got.

12 March 2012

The Red Velvet Cupcake

I've been hearing plentiful of good reviews about SOPHIE's MOM Red velvet cupcake.
What does this red velvet cuppie cake taste like? I wonder.

09 March 2012

My korean updo hairstyle tutorial

Hello eveyone.

Thought of doing a korean inspired updo tutorial.
I hope you enjoy watching. 

PS: Sorry for the goofy face! It's my first. Lol
PPS: you may view final outcome here.

Korean Updo Hairstyle

08 March 2012

#KONY 2012

This 30minutes video will help you to be aware who is KONY and what he has been doing to the children of AFRICA. Be educated. Take part of this community by watching this film. 
Let us all help the children of Africa to bring back to their families and raise justice for them.

Instagramming: Supersale Bazaar

Last friday, I went to Supersale bazaar at world trade center, unfortunately being excited that I am, forgot to bring a camera. Sucks I know. Buti nalang, I managed to bring my ipodtouch.. Instagram nalang pinang picture ko. haha! atleast diba, I have a camera to use kesa sa wala. :)

I was able to visit sophie's mom and tried their red velvet cuppie cake, and it's heavenly.. Just right for my sweet tooth. and then Queen street shop - all their satchels were priced at 400 only. mura na noh? and then, I got to visit Gold Dot shop, Soleil and DAS.

Ayan.. I wasn't able to take more photos because I am too busy strolling around. Haha. Idagdag mo pa ang mabilis na lakad ni bf. ;p Anyway, as you can see, I took photos mostly about shoes.. I don't know why.. Maybe because it really caught my attention especially the last two shoes above. They're really pretty noh? I'll be buying both soon! Excited nako. haha!

okay.. I hafta go na and sleep! Goodnight! Until my next post.

06 March 2012

On the Spotlight: Simone's Closet Shop and MY SINCEREST Apology

Late last year, I received a DM from Simone's closet (owner of simone's closet which sells pre-loved and brandnew clothing and also she sells pretty and unique handcrafted accessories), in which she said that she'll be sponsoring some items for her upcoming collection, and since it was my first, who wouldn't say yes?

So, anyway, come December, I received her package, I was very delighted seeing the package she sent me.  And what surprised me most was when I saw this gorgeous neon necklace! And I immediately DM'ed her that I already got her package and I was really thankful for the items she sent and not to forget, I also said that I'll  create an outfit post wearing her stuffs. Days had passed and even months, I wasn't able to come up for an outfit post. (Well, I rather not mention the reasons but I must say, I have a valid excuse for that.) Andddd.. you call me now bad blogger or whatever names that pops into your head right now, But really.. I do have an excuse. NOT that I'm very busy of.

Anyway, to Denise, Let me say that I am truly sorry for this. I know that you already thought of I have taken an advantage of you, but really, I am NOT. And from the bottom of my heart, I do APOLOGIZE.

And so, to save our friendship, I still came up with a quick review as promised.

    The Neon Necklace.. This accessory will surely give an outfit an oomph! Say, a white t-shirt and a skinny jeans +heels then add this braided neon necklace and your outfit will instantly brighten! And oh, being the girly-girl that I am, I also found out numerous ways to use this braided necklace. First, I was able to use this as bracelet, 2nd - a hippie band / hairband. 
     Next is this wrap-around bracelet. One of the cutest accessory that Simone created.Wrap around to your wrist 3-4 times (depends how small your wrist is.) This accessory is made up of suede string with moon /stars as charms.

And to end this post, let me show you how I use my neon braided necklace and wrap around bracelet from Simone Closet shop.

05 March 2012

UNESTABLISH - The future collections

UNESTABLISH.COM is pleased to announce the arrival of the “Future Icons” collection from Australian label Finders Keepers and the addition of Singapore bag label Veira to the expanding number of local brands at UNESTABLISH.COM


The label Finders Keepers is a fresh take on fast fashion, with a signature look that is defined by it’s unique and often quirky prints, on-trend design and lots of colour.

Conceived in 2009, the label set out to fill the niche of creating a line that was affordable yet maintained a young, fun and fashionable edge. From its humble beginnings, the label has fast become a favourite on the fashion scene and is now stocked in over 250 stores across Australia, New Zealand and in UK / Europe.


Veira is all about quirky statement bags that are as relevant today as they will be tomorrow. The look is contemporary, yet classic; functional, yet fashionable; minimalist, yet intricate. Veira is built upon a mixture of modern female flair inspired by vintage silhouettes and complemented by an array of innovative detailing. Motivated by the emergence of a desire for distinctive styles, Veira bags are created for the fashion smart woman who is chic, confident and bold enough to be herself. Made to last, our line of bags are carefully crafted with love, joy and unrestricted inspirations


UNESTABLISH.COM is an online multi-label boutique that offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted clothing and accessories by inspiring global and local brands. With new product lines and brands released each month, UNESTABLISH aspires to be the one stop avenue for online retail and the latest trends and styles.

04 March 2012

MyMariia - Birthday Giveaway

Tommorrow is My Birthday, and as a way of saying how grateful I am to have readers like you on my blog, I am giving away some cool stuffs! 

+ Anagon Collection Goodies + Surprise Gift 

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all my sponsors who are GENEROUS / NICE enough to take part for my Birthday Giveaway. To Ms. Angel Del Rosario, Ms. Leslie Carreon, and Ana Gonzales - Thank you very much. :) Ang saya lang because you guys are too sweet :) May the Man up there bless you :)

Okay, Enough with the dramas, Here is the Giveaway

How to Join:
1. Must be a follower of my blog. Follow thru GFC or Bloglovin.
2. Follow @asianvogueshop, @mymariia and @anagon on twitter
3. Like Asian Vogue Shop, Everyday I'm Haulin, Anagon collection and MyMariia Fanpage
4. Post on your FB wall and tag this shops. " @MyMariia is giving away 1,000 GC from @Asian Vogue Shop (the one with white background), Goodies from @Everyday I'm Haulin and @Anagon collection"
5.Tweet: "@MyMariia is giving away 1,000GC from @asianvogueshop and Goodies from @anagon #mymariia
6. Leave your Name, Email address, Twitter and FB Name on the comments below.

That's it. Goodluck to everyone. :) 

Btw, Contest will start today, and will End on the 31st of March :) Good Luck to all of you!

PS: For Philippine Readers ONLY. - I will be having another set of Giveaway for my International Readers.