17 February 2012

Shoephoric: Shoe lottery

The biggest shoe lottery is here! Get a chance to win 12 pairs of shoes from Christian Louboutin worth up to USD18,000.00 or 12 pairs of sneakers worth up to USD200.00 each from Shoephoric! Joining is absolutely free!

How to join? Simple, just follow this easy steps.

1. Comment with your name and email address, and I'll be sending you an invite for this contest. Check your e-mail and look for the subject “You’re Invited to Join the first Shoephoric Match to win Challenge”
.... here is the sample email content that you will be receiving

2. Click "Click here to register and Play" at the end of the message. Just follow the registration instructions and voila, you're set to play.

..But how does this game works?

This game is similar with lottery, you will be given  3 chances to submit  your combination shoes. You will be asked  to pick a shoe combination out of 59 selections. However, if you cannot decide, you could always use "Quick Pick" button.

The contest will end once 500,000 entries has been submitted. So, hurry up now, Join this contest and win this fab fab Louboutin babies! :) Good luck! :)


  1. Wow. I would LOVE to win this.


    1. babe, i'll send you an invite for this..

  2. Hi Babe! :)

    I have something for you. I hope you'll accept it. ;)
    Check out my latest post. <3

  3. Joined this one,too! haha. No harm in trying! :)

    If you have time, please join 3 of my on-going giveaways!:)



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