23 February 2012

Hair Color: Failed

Decided to color my hair today using Japanese hair dye that my mom in law gave to me. I know japanese hair dyes are great because I almost tried several brands already including prettia which is my current favorite. Anyway, I was expecting that this hair color will perform well, unfortunately it didn't. 

You see, before I dyed my hair, My hair already grew and that's the reason why I want to color my hair to cover those black strands. But as you can see, It didn't do well, however I love how it made my before color vibrant. well, for now, I will re-color it using my favorite brand prettia.. I'm thinking to dye it into reddish-pink shade. What do you think?


  1. I think it will suit u, reddish pink, exited to see the outcome:))

  2. Aww too bad it didn't work well. I think any hair color would look great on you!



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