27 February 2012

Baguio: Photodiary

Went to Baguio last weekend to do some errands, sadly we weren't able to watch the panagbenga (flower) festival because we arrived too early and we woke up late. But it's okay, I still enjoyed our pre-summer vacay. It's my first time to go to Baguio and honestly, I fell in love with the place especially with the cold weather and the pine trees.

On our first day, we strolled, we ate at ihaw-ihaw near Burnham park - the food were delicious although it comes expensive. It's also surprising to see people who still wears their cardigans/ jackets even though it's bright and sunny outside hehehe. The locals there were so friendly especially the taxi drivers and the tinderas, and oh, I got to taste their famous strawberry taho! and my take? It's actually good! mmm..

Okay for now, I'll be leaving you with random photos. enjoy :)

Another Photodiary will be uploaded tommorrow! Goodnight!


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