03 February 2012

Say no to angry brows :)

Did the title just made you laugh? You see, I have a very thick and unruly brows and I just want to boost my confidence. So, when I read about Mar's brow dying experience, right then and there I knew I have to get my brows done at Brow studio salon.

So, I along with my bf went to there studio to have my brows fixed. I availed their brow definition package. It's a brow tinting (matches your hair color) with reconstruction of brows - to achieved that perfect arch.
anyway, after I told the salon personnel what I wanted, she then asked me to sit on their fab, purple and cozy couch. The process took for like 30-45mins. I think it varies on how thick or thin your brows is. The salon personnel bleached my brows for like 10 mins, after that she already put color onto my brows and let it sit in there for like 20-30mins or so. After that, she fixed the arch of my  brows, I was constantly telling her not to make my brows thin because it doesn't fit me. And that girl, really did listen to my concern. and after a couple of minutes fixing it, she handed me the mirror, and I was surprised on how EXCELLENT she did my brows.  I was very impressed! I'm telling you, I have tried numerous of salon who have threading services, but this woman really stood out, she was very keen on what was she was doing, she even don't make chika while doing my brows. :)

Anyway, with the service and quality that I received from them, I'm giving 5 out of 5 stars. Brow studio, if ever you get to read this post, please please commend that woman who did my brows. 
I think she really deserves it. :)

So, what do you think of my brows? you be the judge. :p

And, to update you guys, it has been a month and half, and my brows still looks the same like the picture above. :)  To know about Brow Studio, you can check out their Facebook.


  1. OMG I also go to Brow Studio to tame my brows! They also take care of my other unwanted facial hair. :)) But I go to their Eastwood branch. I didn't know they have other branches.

    Nice post! <3


    1. Cool to know babe! at least we share common interest! :) Thanks for dropping by babe :)

  2. Hi there! Awesome brows! Just wanted to ask if threading hurts? I've never tried going to a brow salon. :D


  3. Hello there kat,

    If it's your first time, it's really painful, but if you do it regularly I'm sure you'll get used to it or you'll get over it.. hehe. Hope I did answer your question..

    1. Yup, thank you :D
      I don't know much about fashion and other beauty-related fields kaya super helpful ung blog mo hehe :D


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