11 October 2011

Plain and Simple

My newly bought earrings from genevieve gozum

Top: Thrifted Sweater| Shorts: Thrifted Denim Shorts| Convertible Bag: Divisoria| Flat Shoes: Bazaar

09 October 2011

Mini Haul

 Been very busy this past few weeks because I had to complete all my requirements for my school. I'm really sorry If I wasn't able to update and blog - but, I will still try to update on what has been happening with my studies.. and please wait for my review for the S&G moisturizer.

Stuffs I recently bought:
3 in 1 satchel bag (convertible into sling, backpack and handbag)
Japanese socks
Neon colored foot socks
Soap & Glory moisturizer
Cache Cache tights
Ribbon with hairnet (req. for school)

01 October 2011

Hello October

Hello loves,
I wanna share with you something..
First, Ill be going to school again because I'm actually planning to go on a star cruise work.The school that I'm going to is Genting Star Tourism Academy, for those who doesn't know what this school caters, let me give you a brief intro. Basically the school offers a 3month training about housekeeping, food & beverage and front desk (officer). They also offer 6 months training to those who are interested in culinary. Genting Star tourism Academy is located at Newport Global City, They are just in front of Maxims Hotel.

So, yesterday, I went there to take my exam and for the Interview. And I must say, I passed my exam and interview and I am fit to be a front desk officer. Now, the assessor, Christian told me that I need to pass my requirements and have my medical done - mind you, I was in a rush and they will have the orientation by October 04. So, I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that I can make it till the enrollment.

Anyway, want to know my take about this Institution?
The school is super awesome. From the clean building, ambiance & facilities itself down to the students / employees must say its fantastic. Everyone were friendly and approachable. By the way, before I forget, The school is affiliated with three Hotels at the Newport - namely, Maxims, Marriott and Remington Hotel. So, expect that you will be working in one of this hotels for your Internship. Cool huh? 7 Stars Hotel? Who wouldn't love that?  I myself is excited for this. *insert grin face here* If you would like to know more about this Academy, Im happy to share this link. Click here.

Next, I would like to share with you loves is that I won another stuff, well its from Good Skin Labs
I'm feeling beyond ecstatic with this winning because, Every beauty blogger is raving about how good all the products from GSL and since this stuff does not come in CHEAP, Its a plus point that I won. Finally I will be able to try it without spending thousands of moolah. So, to GSL, if you are reading this, I would like to say Thank you for picking / choosing my entry. Winning this stuff was really unexpected.
I can say that am so much blessed. :)

That's it for tonight. Goodnight to you all.