25 September 2011

A little favor to ask

Hello loves, A little favor! Can I ask you if you could please like my facebook fan page? Well, been seeing a lot of bloggers created one for themselves,- I personally think this FB page are for those who want to be updated for new post on their FB.  I would really appreciate if you could give me love.
This won't take much time from you guys, I Promise. Link here.

24 September 2011

Thank you - Parisian

Do you remember the Parisian contest which I asked you to vote for me? Well, I'm here to share the news that I'm part of the top five who won 2000Php GC's. How cool is that? I really thought that I won't win because the other contestants had gazillion of votes.. But, Boy was I wrong...
So, to Parisian, Thank you so much for appreciating my entry.

on my way to Parisian, The building is just right in front of Mall of Asia
 There it is, Building C. I'm sorry wasn't able to take pictures of the inside building because the security guard won't allow me. :(
My GC's zomg. 2000Pesos = $45
 Those shoes were my top picks! But I didn't get it because I'm looking forward to their next collection - I'm telling ya, their next collection is REALLY PRETTY - talk about Solid Color Pumps, T-straps wedges, Chunky heels! And If I'm not mistaken the texture of the shoes are suede or velvet-y! Perfect for the next fashion week this coming October!

And to the Parisian Merchandiser team (Please correct me If I'm wrong), I wanted to Thank you all for being so warm, friendly and for the short talk we had! You were all very pretty, and so fasyon. nahiya ako bigla sainyo :)  But nonetheless, I had a blast, It was an experience that I'll never forget.

My Winning entry :) 
To know more about Parisian, visit & like their FB Page here.

Ms. Rina, Hope to meet you next time!
and sana yung next time wala kang meeting ;p

22 September 2011

Freeway Steal Promo & Win Free BB 9300 3G

*** The promos are only for Philippines readers.

Back in my teen years, My favorite shop locally is Freeway, because it always comes up with trendy clothes.  I used to buy my dresses, jeans and tops there every month and I remember my first and favorite tankini was from this shop. Well, I must say I absolutely adore Freeway.

Furthermore, I would like to share with you guys that my favorite shop is going to have a promo which is called Freeway Steal Promo, It aims to give their lovely customers a discount which by the way only runs within this week. So to all Freeway lovers out there, Kindly check their shop now for discounted random pieces, you'll never know, you might find something that tickles your fancy :)

 To know more about this Promo, Click here

More over, Freeway is generous enough to give away a Free BB Phone! All you need to do is to follow this steps and you're one step closer to win an awesome Smart Phone!
1. I want a Blackberry 3G from @FreewayOnline because..." As your STATUS 
(Please make sure to tag Freeway correctly & you liked their FB page)
2. After that, Fill up the form here 

Easy peasy right? Go ahead, Like Freeway now and enter the giveaway, 
you might be the lucky person to win a BB 9300 3G Phone

21 September 2011

When it rains, It pours

I'm such a blessed person because I have a loving and generous MIL! Just a month ago, she went to japan to renew her visa.. and when she got back to manila, she told us that she have something for us - BUT we still need to wait for the box to arrive. It's okay, I love waiting game!

Finally the box came, and we are so excited to open the box and sort things out! We were like a kids looking for a candy inside the box! I thought I'll only get chocolates but lo and behold! I got a lot of cutesy stuffs! Talk about a blush on with a cute animal prints on the container, lace-y socks! - I almost die when I saw and tried it. I also got a posh looking perfume, an off shoulder blouse, polka dotted shorts and loads of chocolate. OMG I DIE! hahah! Who wouldn't be excited right?
SO, Enjoy the photos below...

Drool over with chocolates! and you see that cup noodles? that's my favorite!

16 September 2011

Line's Busted

Hi Loves,

I apologize for lack of post. Our Internet got cut-off  because we forgot to pay our bill.
Will be back as soon as our line gets reconnnected. Sorry! :(

12 September 2011

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011

Today, I had a great day with valeree. We went to summit media to claim the tickets for cosmo bachelor bash 2011 that we won last week. Thanks to Regina. The event is much awaited, anticipated party of the year. Lots of Male Models, Celebrity and (Philippines) Football Players will grace the runway in Flesh! This will be definitely going to be HOT! FUN! AAAMAZING NIGHT!

Port 88: Ready, Set, SALE!

 17­ & 18,

big commercial
 of shoes,
For a complete list of participating commercial and online brands, discounts, freebies, and other details do visit us on Facebook.
This event is brought to you by The LiST Group Co. in partnership with the ICA Alumnae Association. © 2011 All Rights Reserved. 

Mad about Peacocks boots!

Yesterday, I went to festival mall with my bf to do some errands. After that, We went to SM Southmall to check out the newly opened shops - Peacocks & Aldo to be specific. The first shop we checked out was Aldo, the shop was really nice, other than shoes, it was good to know that they also have Aldo accessories and other stuff. And since they don't have anything that tickles my fancy YET, we head on to Peacocks.

Peacocks is an international brand, and as far as I know this is a UK brand. Peacocks carries sexy lingeries, basic tops, dresses, trousers, tights/hosiery, accessories and not to mention Shoes! Well, there's this boots I am dying to buy and I promise to myself that I'm gonna save up and get one from myself. :) Moreover, the shop is worth a visit. So if you are a southern bella, I suggest you visit the shop soon! :)

11 September 2011

My thoughts about fashion hosiery

Fashion Hosiery is so much fun to wear, It is very inspiring.. It screams ultra femininity, don't ya think?
and so.. I'm on the look out for that pretty-pretty tights because I personally think it will look good to some most of my outfit! I love how these hosiery / tights gives that extra oomph to an outfit. I'm actually planning to buy atleast two for myself and wear them for fall. . . ohhh.. I can't wait!

07 September 2011

Blogger Awards

Arnie of Raid My Closet gave me three awards. I am so grateful to have these. Knowing somebody acknowledges my blog and my fashion style is truly awesome. Again, Thank you so much Arnie :) love you babe!

The steer is to share six random things about me. I decided to give you some portions of myself that are quite far from fashion.

1. I can't sleep at night, although there's this ritual thing which helps me to put in sleep, and that's when I sing twinkle twinkle little star! (only in my head. hahah) weird eh ?

2. I love cheesecake! I think I can eat a whole size of blueberry cheese cake or any cheesecake!

3. I have a thing for lomography. I just find it interesting and really unique!

4. I don't party, I rather stay home and watch movies or download my current fave series, #Bigbangtheory

5. I can't leave the house without wearing any lipstick on. 

6. I loove beach! If only I have the money, I would put up a house near the beach and live there. :)

So now, I'm passing on these awards to these 5 bloggers...

Maureen of mestizay.blogspot.com
Allysa L. of  monbeaumonde.wordpress.com
Cylia of cyliaaaa.blogspot.com
Bestie of capriciousclub.blogspot.com
Kayleigh billiejean44.blogspot.com

03 September 2011

I'm baaaack!

Hello lovies! do you remember the time when my beloved kookie passed away? well, I gotta say I got affected so much, until now I'm missing her.. But hey, to all those who sent their heart felt comments,Thank you, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. It's really nice to know that somebody in this blogging world cares. So Thank you again for those warm messages. :) 
So, I'm back now and I know I have lots of catching up! I promise, I'll visit your blog after I publish this post :) Here's my outfit post for the day. Hope you guys like it.


My Favorite Beauty blogger, Sonali is having a blog giveaway because she already reached 1000 followers.

Drowning Equilibrum's Big birthday blow out :)

Big Birthday Giveaway!

I know it's super delayed, but here's my birthday giveaway finale--finally!!! It's also a great way to start the new month don't you think?:) I wanna thank a lot of brands who sponsored this giveaway and my past giveaways. May God bless your kind hearts. :)

The mechanics will be a little hard for this one since the prizes are AMAZING. Well, same old same old, add my sponsors on facebook, multiply & twitter. But I tell you it's all worth it. Here's what you guys could win...

1st prize
PLETHORA SHOP geometric dress, VANTAN MANILA romper, ANAGON fringe necklace, FASHIONEGGPLANT turbans

Gold DOT Shoes

Vern, is celebrating her Blog Anniversary by giving away a pair of gorgeous shoes from Gold Dot!  If you want to know the mechanics for joining this fab giveaway, head over to her blog and follow the instructions.  Click here! Goodluck ladies