27 August 2011

Shoe Manic Parisian Contest

Dear Readers / Followers,

This is a favor that I would like to ask from you. Please help me win this contest from  Parisian.
All you have to do is to LIKE.

Here's How:

First step:
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I would really appreciate it, if you could spare an extra time to like my photos.
Thank you so much!

Outfit Post will be up shortly.

25 August 2011

Remembering kookie :(

No outfits for the day hence the title.

Last year of 2010, My brother bought this cute little fur baby - A Princess type Shih tzu, I can say that she's the cutest and the sweetest. She has this brown round eyes with very long lashes, a snub nose. She barks and licks like crazy but it's all good. I, being the co-mama of this puppy, was so excited to feed her, give vitamins, play with her. I must say I spoiled her like a baby.

Come November, I moved out the house. I moved out because I really need to stand on my own, I need to to prove something to myself. I did not bring my fur baby with me cos mom did not allow me. Because from what I know this cute little fur baby will be taken cared of by my sister and my parents.

Months passed.. I'm hearing story from my sister that this puppy was getting sick lately. I felt sad. I can't do nothing but to give money to treat her. I even asked my parents if I could bring home my puppy to take good care of her, but they didn't allow me. They said they could manage it - and it was just a stomach problem that kookie had. So, I believed it, trust them.

August 23, My sister called me to ask if I know some BEST VET out there, and I told, ORMANES - they have amazing services. So, I asked her why, She told me that kookie is cold like a freezing water. So she rushed kookie to the vet, and we found out that kookie is dealing with kidney something. So, we let the vet to put dextrose.. It was already 50/50 and I prayed to God, called all the Gods to help kookie..

August 25, I received a txt from my sister that kookie PASSED AWAY.. Before kookie died, the vet told my sister that there were blood coming out from her nose and she even threw up with blood. Yes, it made me heart broken, I cried so hard and asked GOD why. I felt so mad about myself because I felt that I neglected this fur baby.. Since, I left from our house I wasn't able to see her even on the vet clinic. I'm so sad right now, I don't know how to deal with this.. and I think offering this little space here on my blog would lessen all the heartaches, but I think this would not even suffice as I neglected her.

24 August 2011

Are you that somebody?

Top: diy tie-dye| Shorts: Tiangge| Accessories: Welmanson's| Wedge: Parisian

CAVA Handbags x DE Giveaway!

I just joined this new Giveaway from Drowning Equilibriums!:)

Say hello to my new favorite bag brand. I featured them here before and now I’ve teamed up with them (hi sir tipu!) to bring you this bonggang giveaway! :) Seriously, I’m obsessed with their bags—so pretty & not that pricey! I initially thought they’re selling them within the P1500-P3000 price range. But I was wrooooooong. The skull bucket bag I was eyeing on was just P750! The fringe studded hobo bag I’ve been parading is just P1100. Aie said the bag looks expensive—and they do feel expensive! Shop HERE.
and who doesn’t WAANNTT these bags??:) check @paxiness’ blog now!

22 August 2011

Spray Flowers + Random

Dress: thrifted| Shoes: Parisian| Socks: SM Accessories

This is very random, but I wanna share to you guys that I won a giveaway from Jennifshieh (Please check her out, she's really awesome and cute btw.), I felt really happy and lucky knowing that I won the giveaway, Lucky because I just entered the giveaway one day before it ended. How cool is that? I'm really excited to get / try the item since I'm the type of person that go crazy over my brows. Furthermore, I will be going to have a giveaway soon - when I reached 100 followers :) so please do watch out for that.


Join Simone's Closet Giveaway as she celebrates her blog and her online shop 2nd Anniversary.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead check out Simone's closet blog here and Join her giveaway here.

19 August 2011

Splash of colors

Romper: thrifted| Cardigan: thrifted| Shoes: Parisian| Bracelets: Random| Earrings: SM Accessories

I entitled this as "splash of colors" due to the very colorful romper :) 
I hated the background so much that it makes my photos messy, well it's my fault because I slept 9am in the morning and I woke up around 5pm. 
I freaked out because my plan for the day is to go somewhere to shoot..and it ended here in my room
So pardon for the background.

18 August 2011

The Classic: Buttoned up

Top: thrifted| Belt: bangkok| Denim: Forever21| Oxfords: Sewn| Rings: Welmansons

Don't you love experimenting? 
I finally took the courage to dress up and have my polo stripes to buttoned all the wayy up! 
I think I had fun doing this and will continue to be creative.
How about you, Do you like dressing up beyond your style?

17 August 2011

Voguely van: International August giveaway!

Voguely Van is having an International Giveaway!
Here are the prizes that will be given away:

1. 3-tone faux ostrich skin satchel -- will surely add a pop of color to your outfits!
2. a set of blue, black and silver bangles-- arm candies!
3. dotted red bowtie-- it's red. it's dotted. and it's chic! need i say more?

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead follow and join her giveaway, 
who knows, your luck might be on your side!

16 August 2011

Keep breathing

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. -  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dress: Bangkok|Shoes: Clogs with bow in front Forever21|Earrings: Parade Manila

14 August 2011

The mary jane clogs

I just got this wonderful baby from ava. Thank you dear for this, i cannot wait 
anymore to wear this little baby. :)

13 August 2011

Erase and Rewind

This is one of those sample photo shoot I had with my BF.. Pardon for the wrong lighting and stuff. I just wanna show you guys how I adore this checkered polo which I got a year ago from bangkok.

12 August 2011

NOTD: Newspaper nail art

Yesterday, I searched for a nail art on YouTube and I stumbled upon this newspaper nail art. I think it's pretty cool - so I tried it.
Here's the steps on how to do it:
You'll be needing a light nail polish, 10 strips of newspaper, clear gloss, container and alcohol,
Put on the nail polish first - that will be the base color and after that, Dip the strip of the newspaper onto the alcohol and put it on your nails-then press it (at least 10-15 seconds).
 anddd..voila! you're done! This is my version of it.
(It's kind of messy somehow, but for the first time? I think I did good :p)