30 June 2011

FOTD: Soft makeup with red lippy

Caution: Heavy Pictures.
I'm sporting a soft makeup (Eyes and blush) with a touch of red lipstick.

27 June 2011

Fete de la musique

Do you know the feeling of excitement when you already planned of going to somewhere, and yet it got postponed due to crappy weather? Oh well, I'm talking about the "I'm shoe in love event." I got really disappointed when I heard the news. Anyway, a very good friend of mine Jessica, asked me if i wanna go to Fete de la musique, and since I have never been to, I said yes. So I asked my BF if he wanted to go and shoot us  together with his cousin, Luckily they said yes. On the other hand, Reina and Val decided to go with us since they don't have any plans for the day. yay!
When we were in the event, we just hanged out, stroll, stroll and stroll annnddd took pictures, It's funny because we only took few pictures of the event/fasyon people! hahaha.
We only took pictures of ourselves lol! sorry for that. Just so you know, we LOVE taking pictures like a fat kid loves cake! teehee <3

15 June 2011


If somebody will ask me, what is my to go accessory to date? I would definitely answer SCARVES. Scarves can save your day, It can make your whole look complete [Boring to Fabulous]. Scarf will give you many knots and designs to try without having to buy a new scarf. It could also be used as an accessory for bags, it takes a lifeless bag to a very chic and colorful one, And yes, Scarf is also good as an alternative for a jewelry [ A necklace or bracelet as an example.]
How about you, Do you think that a scarf should be a staple for a girl’s wardrobe?

12 June 2011


Hey lovelies,
I just want to let you know that I signed up for lookbook. I am kindda scary on what will be the outcome, But I’m hoping that it will turn out good :) Please do check my lookbook account, I already uploaded a test shot.

11 June 2011

Bold Stripes

This summer it’s all about the bold, graphic stripes. Stripes are a major trend that has been showcased from international runways and celebrity hollywoods in recent months. Whether you go with the classic black and white stripes or the vibant, candy-coloured stripes, you can definitely stand out in this bold print.

10 June 2011

The NATIVE sling bag

Tips for SPRING styling

How to Wear Them:
’70s Influence
Start simple with pair of high-waisted flared jeans. Add platforms, a long-strap bag or an oversize /cat-eye sunner to complete your hippie chic look.
Bright Colors
Opt for one bold color statement and keep the rest of your look (read: accessories) neutral.
This is not your weekend denim. Tailored tops and work-friendly suits offer a grown-up twist on the childhood staple.
Tribal Prints
Try a Maxi dress in a colorful statement print - for a powerful and womanly feel.
Midi Lengths
Pair your longer length skirt with high-heeled platforms sandals and a fitted top for a flattering look.
*Photo credits from google