30 April 2011

10 oohhhh's about me

Hello barbie-dolls!
Since I'm here in blogger for months now, I would like to Introduce myself by giving 10 Facts about me.
  1. I love dogs! I cannot live without one. to attest, I have 4 different breeds of dog. (shih tzu, golden retriever, pom and labrador)
  2. I’m such a big eater especially every midnight. :|
  3. I am addicted to makeups and clothes and shoes.
  4. I’m planning to study at SOFA and finish my four year degree there! yes, Im an undergraduate. sucks right?
  5. I love love love oreo. I stock-up boxes of oreo’s in my room.
  6. I am a  Musical fan of Michelle Shaprow and Sugar Mama
  7. I’m in a relationship, and it will be our 9th anniversay on July
  8. I love beach. If only I can built a house, I’ll built it near the beach.
  9. I always have a pink scrunchie on my wrist, hence my blog title
  10. Caffeine makes me palpitate all the time, so I don’t drink coffee. boo!
So, until here. Goodnight! hahaha :)