11 November 2011

Are you ready for Bloggers United II?

I am!! and I know you are too! See you around folks!


  1. Oh wow! The bloggers united! How could I ever be one of them? I may need a dslr camera, more clothes, more money, more awesome friends from Manila! Hahaha. Pangarap. Anyway Ate thank you for dropping by my blog. I wish I could go to Taguig though I don't know how far it is to Makati (where I'm having my internship) or to Mandaluyong (where I'm currently staying). Hmm I'm from Pangasinan actually. Haay sayang! I wana be there, I love Andre, Kryz, Camille, Tricia, Divine... name it!

    Keep in touch :)

  2. Fabulous! Enjoy a lot :)


    Have a great weekend :)


  3. Excited tooo! :) Hope I can go again this time!! <33


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