21 September 2011

When it rains, It pours

I'm such a blessed person because I have a loving and generous MIL! Just a month ago, she went to japan to renew her visa.. and when she got back to manila, she told us that she have something for us - BUT we still need to wait for the box to arrive. It's okay, I love waiting game!

Finally the box came, and we are so excited to open the box and sort things out! We were like a kids looking for a candy inside the box! I thought I'll only get chocolates but lo and behold! I got a lot of cutesy stuffs! Talk about a blush on with a cute animal prints on the container, lace-y socks! - I almost die when I saw and tried it. I also got a posh looking perfume, an off shoulder blouse, polka dotted shorts and loads of chocolate. OMG I DIE! hahah! Who wouldn't be excited right?
SO, Enjoy the photos below...

Drool over with chocolates! and you see that cup noodles? that's my favorite!

Next is the perfume and make-ups!
 Next are the socks! omg. This really made my day. I can't get over about it.
I forgot to take pictures of the top and shorts! sorry. That's all for tonight! Goodnight :)
And oh, a shout out to my ever dearest, ever loving and ever generous Tita Eday, Thank you so much!


  1. oMG That's so cute .MIL is fairy God mother or something.

  2. I have sweet tooth and would like anything that's decently sweet. :) Lately i've been loving make-up as well. :D

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  3. Am obsessed with the socks and piles of chocolate. Drooling over all of that. Post up pics of the clothes! So jealous

  4. You got some great stuff there! I want some chocolates now!


  5. wow! so nice of your MIL..the socks are so pretty! :)

  6. what is a mil? mother in law? haha! sorry. :)
    the lace socks are all sooo cute! and the perfme bottles are to die for! gorgeous packaging! :D

  7. Wow, nice Maria! Your truly one lucky girl! I love those lacey socks, and those chocolates are to die for! But I think I'm most excited about the make up's you received, dami! Enjoy them dear! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  8. I don't really have a sweet tooth but those strawberry sticks look yummmmyyy

  9. Lucky girl! everything looks yummy!
    I have a giveawy on my blog, you might wanna check it out! :)

  10. Great haul! I love the chocolate and the socks! Will you be doing reviews on the makeup?

  11. lots of goodies :) your post just kind of made me hungry.

  12. waaaa this is pure evil! LOL :D

  13. ohh yumm.. this looks so yummy!:)

  14. Lovely photos dear! And I'm eating chocs as of this writing too! Haha! Pasalubong from my Aunt who went to HK.

  15. ERRRR MERRRR GERRRD! Soooo yummy! :D


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