12 September 2011

Mad about Peacocks boots!

Yesterday, I went to festival mall with my bf to do some errands. After that, We went to SM Southmall to check out the newly opened shops - Peacocks & Aldo to be specific. The first shop we checked out was Aldo, the shop was really nice, other than shoes, it was good to know that they also have Aldo accessories and other stuff. And since they don't have anything that tickles my fancy YET, we head on to Peacocks.

Peacocks is an international brand, and as far as I know this is a UK brand. Peacocks carries sexy lingeries, basic tops, dresses, trousers, tights/hosiery, accessories and not to mention Shoes! Well, there's this boots I am dying to buy and I promise to myself that I'm gonna save up and get one from myself. :) Moreover, the shop is worth a visit. So if you are a southern bella, I suggest you visit the shop soon! :)

This is the boots I'm talking about. Isn't she gorgeous? I think this is the perfect boots for fall :)

Okay, I shall leave you with more random lomo photos...
 You see that creepy Baygon under the ube candy? eeeww! 
The seller shouldn't put that pesticide above the candy or any food beside it. geezzzz!! kadiri lang! diba?


  1. Your outfit is lovely! I love your rings also! :)

  2. Cool pictures!I love the rings!xx Tanja

  3. I LOVE the new jewelery, so cute!


  4. That shop sounds awesome :D

    Great rings too :) Love the colour ;D

    XO, Imke

  5. They now have Aldo babe?where? Umaasenso ang festival ah!hah and there's a new krispy kreme pa!;)They now have Aldo babe?where? Umaasenso ang festival ah!hah and there's a new krispy kreme pa!;)

  6. Nice outfit!


  7. Cool photos. And you are adorable! :)

  8. Hi Maria! Your looking lovely, love the whole get up! Sayang, I was actually invited to the opening of Peacocks, but due to my school schedule I wasn't able to go! Where you able to get any items from their store, heard they have such great collections, and all soo affordable too! They have so many awards on the fashionable products! I can't wait to go to their store! Thanks for sharing this post, and you take such lovely pictures... yeah they shouldn't place those pesticides such close to food items! EEKKK! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  9. The boots are definitely perfect!


  10. cute casual outfit! :)
    those boots are so nice, heels not to high..like it! :)

  11. hey girl:) your ring is so awesome.. I love rings like that! it looks so good.

  12. nice photos :)
    you look great !
    i love your rings :)

  13. OMG! I love quail eggs! :D


  14. I just bought a pair of ankle boots from Peacock! They have nice stuff, even if it doesn't last

  15. Love what you're wearing! UK brands have lots of cute items but they are quite pricey </3 HAHA

  16. I so love your shorts <3 the boots was so epic! :))) Another fashion inspiration to check out. :> Nice blog!

  17. Love the rings and your outfit too:)


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