25 August 2011

Remembering kookie :(

No outfits for the day hence the title.

Last year of 2010, My brother bought this cute little fur baby - A Princess type Shih tzu, I can say that she's the cutest and the sweetest. She has this brown round eyes with very long lashes, a snub nose. She barks and licks like crazy but it's all good. I, being the co-mama of this puppy, was so excited to feed her, give vitamins, play with her. I must say I spoiled her like a baby.

Come November, I moved out the house. I moved out because I really need to stand on my own, I need to to prove something to myself. I did not bring my fur baby with me cos mom did not allow me. Because from what I know this cute little fur baby will be taken cared of by my sister and my parents.

Months passed.. I'm hearing story from my sister that this puppy was getting sick lately. I felt sad. I can't do nothing but to give money to treat her. I even asked my parents if I could bring home my puppy to take good care of her, but they didn't allow me. They said they could manage it - and it was just a stomach problem that kookie had. So, I believed it, trust them.

August 23, My sister called me to ask if I know some BEST VET out there, and I told, ORMANES - they have amazing services. So, I asked her why, She told me that kookie is cold like a freezing water. So she rushed kookie to the vet, and we found out that kookie is dealing with kidney something. So, we let the vet to put dextrose.. It was already 50/50 and I prayed to God, called all the Gods to help kookie..

August 25, I received a txt from my sister that kookie PASSED AWAY.. Before kookie died, the vet told my sister that there were blood coming out from her nose and she even threw up with blood. Yes, it made me heart broken, I cried so hard and asked GOD why. I felt so mad about myself because I felt that I neglected this fur baby.. Since, I left from our house I wasn't able to see her even on the vet clinic. I'm so sad right now, I don't know how to deal with this.. and I think offering this little space here on my blog would lessen all the heartaches, but I think this would not even suffice as I neglected her.


Letter to kookie.
Kookie baby, Mama misses you so much! I am so sorry If i wasn't there with you.
If i just could turn back the time, I will get you from that house and will take good care of you like what I did to koko. And will spoiled you like a princess.. I'm really sorry...


  1. Cute dog!


  2. ool i'm so sorry because of your baby.. i have got a dog also and i can't imagine that he could get sick or even die:(

    i'm yours a new follower..

  3. so sorry to learn about the death of your dog..i can feel how much you loved her..hoping you'll be okay..

  4. This is so sad,what a gorgeous dog,so sorry to hear of your bad news.
    My partners dogs had to be put down to ill health,they were miniture bischon frise's! They were gorgeous and dogs are just as much as part of a family as your bro or sis,they're amazing!

    ...and thanks so much for your lovely comment,Sorry I havent had the chance to get back to your comment,Ive been away in Scotland and havent had any access to a computer! :D
    Look forward to more posts <3
    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  5. I feel sorry for your dog. It´s so sad..

    Thank you for your comment. Yeah, let´s follow each other! I´m following you.


  6. Your dog is so beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about her passing! At least she is no longer suffering x

  7. Aw, feel better! Sorry for the bad news. He's a beautiful, cute dog!

  8. cute picture :d followed you!

  9. Aww cute dog :)


  10. oh.. heartache! she looks like my dear dog "snoopy" who passed away 10 years ago but i still miss her and i always think of her until now!

    It's a GIRL Thing

  11. I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you'll feel better soon :-(

    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  12. That's so sad, it gave me tears :( I'm not a dog person at all, but this one truely was a cutie, that's clear. I feel very sorry for you. I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose a pet that's so amazing.

    Great blog, I like your writing style & I'm going to follow you.

    XO, Imke

  13. Okay, silly me, I forgot for a moment I already AM following you. Stupiiiid. I'm sorry, it's kind of late and I'm a little sick, so that's probably the reason...

    XOXO, Imke

  14. i love your look!you have a lovely blog and im following u now
    kisses from prague and have a great day!

  15. i'm so sorry to hear that...

    xx from hong kong :)

  16. i feel so sorry for your lost, she really looks an adorable dog..

    btw- thanks for adding my link dear, done adding your link to mine! :)


  17. hey girl..I send my condolences to you!

  18. That's very sad :( get better soon my dear <3

  19. I'm really really sorry to hear that :(


  20. What a cutie, I'm so sorry for your loss it's never easy loosing our babies, I hope you feel better she is in a better place now hun.

  21. sure sweety! i follow you then follow me back :)

  22. aww that's so sad :( I would cry really hard too...I just got a cat in February...and I've come to love her so much when I think that she will only live at most 15 years I feel so sad, because I know one day I'll have to say goodbye...maybe sooner should something like what happen to Kookie happen to her!!!

  23. oh this is just so sad.

    so sad. am sorry girl.

    just think about it this way, Kookie is in a batter place now, where there's lots of doggy treats and she can run free with other dogs in dog heaven.


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