07 August 2011

Floating on the moon

Feather Earrings are now a major trend in manila. It Exudes free-spirited vibe.. I see them from numerous fash bloggers like Patricia Prieto, Alyssa lapid and such. At first I was really hesitant to try it, but then, the curiosity in me gave in. Since Feather earrings are now popular even online sellers have this already, but I still looked out for that perfect pair! Good thing I followed Alyssa’s blog and there she informed her readers that there’s this shop who sells unique feather earrings.  -  [Insert Parade Manila]. There, I ordered 3 pairs. 2 for me and a pair for my MIL.

Take a look on what I ordered.

Aren’t they wonderful? They are so whimsical and magical..
*Wasn’t able to take a picture of the last pair because MIL, was so excited to try it. But,I gotta tell you, It’s really pretty and the quality is really good, worth of penny I must say. and I might order one myself a black pair! Go ahead and visit Parade Manila in Facebook and choose what tickles your fancy! and oh, they have also vintage rings, so do check that out too. :)
Thank you Parade Manila! -will build an outfit for this soon!


  1. awh yes, I've been seeing them around quite frequently! these are lovely!

  2. @Saving: It's almost at every bazaar nga noh? hahaha. Thank you. I think it's lovely too!

  3. Thanks for sharing!! Added them on fb already! lovely blog dear!! :) pretty choices!


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