30 July 2011

Deepest blue

My outfit of the day wearing Polo stripes blouse – bangkok and denim shorts – bazaar and my 3rd newly bought sandals from Sewn.
I was in search for a new wedge… those shoes was by the way,  from Parisian..
Still searching for that perfect pair… Until..
I found this! It’s like a Pumps/wedge.  This was my bf’s bet. He told me that the shoes is really pretty.. So, I tried it on.
I gotta say that I love it!  It looks ultra chic on my feet. :) Plus its super light, I can definitely run on this wedge. I’m buying it! Okay, here’s the sad part, I wasn’t able to buy this because my size is no longer available.. I’m so broken-hearted that time.. Since I don’t want to leave empty-handed, I still looked out for another style.. This time it’s a booties :)
Isn’t lovely? I love the snake skin texture which wraps around it, with a lace up on the side.
Since, I don’t have any neutral booties, I decided to buy it. :)

I’m one happy girl! yay!

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