14 November 2011

SM Accessories Holiday Campaign 2012

Hello! Please do check SM Accessories  for they have new items for this Holiday season.

For more information kindly visit,  SM Accessories Fanpage to see their latest promos and stuff.

11 November 2011

Are you ready for Bloggers United II?

I am!! and I know you are too! See you around folks!

09 November 2011

Ribbons annd Polka

This is what I wore to Love Diva Blogger's Camp. I personally think that polkas and bows matches together. So I didn't change my mind changing my outfit. :p

Top: Thrifted| Shorts: Japan| Shoes: Mark & spencer thrifted| Socks: Japan| Bag: Divisoria

Love Diva's Bloggers Camp

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be invited by Ana Gonales at the launch of Love Diva, For some who doesn't know about Love Diva, let me give you a brief introduction about this brand.

Love Diva is the world's leading destination for fashion accessories. Love Diva is more than just a jewellry retailer, it is a brand that provides its customers with on-trend fashion accessories at an affordable price. Love Diva draws its inspiration from the latest catwalk and fashion shows in london, Paris, NY and Tokyo and add its own Love Diva style to create pieces that are unique to Love diva.

Love Diva is also committed  being a vibrant, young, fast paced company that pushes boundaries and ensures it is always at the forefront of style, aspiration and fashion.

When I entered the store, one thing came to my mind, Suddenly I remembered my childhood memories - It's when I always sneak out in my mom's room and open her jewelry box and was always amazed every time. And that was the feeling I had when I first sought the inside of the store. It's like a box full of surprises, or shall I say Accessories!

 Before the workshop started, the Love Diva team were kind enough to treat us with drinks and cute cookies that represents their store logo. This was just right for my sweet tooth.

Ms. Kookie B. was the first guest speaker of the day. She talked about blogging. I must say I learned a lot from her, because not only she taught us on how to start a blog, but she did share her experiences as well. One thing that I learned from her is,  
Learn to love and give time to your blog.

Next speaker was Melai, she talked about having a career in blogging. I loved this part because I get to know what a blogger might be in store in the future. In here, she talked about getting paid in blogging, getting invites for a fashion show, a launch of a product or store and the likes. I must say that I learned a lot even though I've been blogging for a few years now.

 Of course, what's a Love Diva event if there will be no stylists who will talk about styling. Let me Introduce to you, Tracy Ayson, a stylist who worked for summit media and Tin Iglesias a fashion designer. Basically they talked about basic styling, how to accessorize, the classification of styling in events.

Again, with this talk I get to know lots of things. Like for example, Ms. Tracy told us that we should know our body well, we shouldn't pick clothes that doesn't suit us even if it's on trend. And for Ms. Tin, she shared that if your dress is kind of plain because of it's color, we could always accessorize to make our outfit standout.

And right after the talk, we had a mini styling contest. This time, we have to style our Blogger sister Ana Gonzales together with my teammate bei and frances :) 

I come up with the idea of bohemian chic style since I'm considering ana's style and her outfit that day. We used varieties of accessories and made some necklaces as belts and hippie bands. We incorporated what tracy told us, that in a magazine styling, we could actually use hair clips to adjust something from the clothes and accessories. So, Thanks for that Ms. Tracy! and we were lucky enough to win this styling contest! Yay for us sisters! We did a great job! :)

 Lookie Look! Lots of flashing cameras in front of the bloggers! They're like celebs! :)
 Cuppiecakes for the bloggers! yummm.
 Prizes and Thank you giveaway loots for the speakers!
 My Diva sisters, Bei, frances, & Ana
With Ever Fierce Kookie B.
 With lovely Aisa Ipac (Asan po ang haggard-ness?)
 With Ever Charming Sarah Tirona and her daughter
 With My Favorite Blogger Sister Ana
 With the lovely Ava T.
 And with the Love Diva Team!

The event ended as the Love Diva team surprise us that we are going to take home worth of P1000 accessory/ies. Don't you love an event like this? anddd, the event didn't finish just like that, A Buffet Dinner was served to us at Cyma at ATC.

Thank you Love Diva and the team for making this event happen!

The event was a blast! I hope they'll come up more like this, not because of the dinner, the freebies, the treats but primarily because I learned a lot and I gain some friends in this kind of event and PLUS, I get to chit-chat with the Bloggers! :)

**Some photos were taken by Ava te and Bei Perez

04 November 2011

PFW S/S 2012 Oxygen

I, Together with my girlfriends Valeree, Jezzel and Reina were able to watch for the first time the much awaited Philippine Fashion week.

The show was jam packed of fashionista junkies I must say. Oxygen Collection was pure awesomeness, from their tops to their shoes collection - well, why don't we let the pictures do the talking instead. Enjoy!

Of course, We never forget to take photos of our outfit
Top : Spaghetti Strap| Blazer: Bazaar| Denim: Forever 21| Shoes: Parisian| Accessories: SM Ladies| Bag: Versace 

 Fan girling moments :)

And before I forget to tell you, We were lucky to be part of the Vip's. We were actually seated to the first to third row. :) Cool isn't?