14 November 2010

TheFaceShop: False Eyelashes

I heard about this false eyelashes from Nikki of Askmewhats - And according from her, this is your best bet when you want achieve a natural lashes that is not so over-dramatic, just perfect for everyday looks.

Based on my own experience, I have to agree with nikki, this is a natural looking lashes considering it has this criss-cross cut, but I bet you, once you tried this on, It instantly gives you full lashes but very natural looking.

( Left - without falsies; Right - with falsies )

Been using this over a past 2 weeks now, and I got some compliment/s, asking if my lashes were extensions.. They were a bit surprised when I said this are just falsies.. Anyhow.. One thing that I didn't like about this is, the glue that came with it, I felt it was the glue I used when I was in my Elementary. . It failed big-time. It made my eyes irritated..

And I just replaced that glue with this. .
Cinema Secret's spirit gum. I love using this, aside from it's transparency, It's very easy to apply, just one sweep to the rim of the lashes and wait for like 30-60seconds to dry it up, and voila you can now stick it to your line closer to your lashes. Just in case, there is an alignment problem, worry no more, because you can always remove it and stick it again, you don't need to re-apply again. :)

**This spirit gum costs for like Php127.00
** TFS False lashes costs Php 115.00


  1. How much is the falsies?


  2. Hi akiko, TFS Falsies costs, PHP 115.oo

  3. where can you purchase the spirit gum?:)

  4. @ sushiflower: At sm megamall /department store/ beauty section. Just look for the cinema secret's stall :)

  5. oh wow! this is now in my list of things to buy! thank you <3


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