15 November 2010

Murdered Brushes!

My poor Mac 219 Brush and Etude stippling brush got murdered by my babies! waaaaaa. . . .
It woke me up when I saw my brushes laid down on the floor and saw those tiny bits of wood scattered on the floor. waaa, couldn't help looking at it. I almost cry.. poor brushes...

I didn't know my baby (black shih tzu) sleeps on top of my vanity table. waaaaaa. I have all my brushes on top of my vanity table, but. .  . . . why chose my MAC brush? Why not the cheapo brush? waaaa...  Look what koko did to my brushes!


  1. Oh no! Poor brushes. And your baby knows pa which one to pick - a MAC brush! :(

  2. i'm sorry about your brushes sis. at least magagamit mo parin siya despite what happened :(

  3. kyaah yeowch! :< I know this feeling all too well, they did something bad but they are just too cute to get punished TT.TT

  4. @Pammy: If I just knew, that he can climb the table, I didn't put my brushes there. :( sadd talaga. .

    @Crystal: Naku sis, Ill just try to cover up the end part with something cute like stickers. pero, I cannot accept it eh, na kinain ng baby ko yung brush - If he only knew how much for a piece of MAC brush! grrr..

    @Saving Capulet: That is the exact feeling I had when I first saw it.

  5. The reaction I had when I first viewed your page was - I was startled, like when I'm watching a horror movie. I'm grieving for your pencilpoint brush!!!!!!! - Sophie

  6. gosh, its a great loss >_<
    you have to keep all the things high and away or ur little monster will make more damage =(!


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