12 October 2010

Review: Multi Cheek Color

(swatches L:Deepthroat R:Multicheekcolor)
This was given to me by MIL. The packaging is simple, this actually reminds me of canmake blush. I like it that it's pigmented when swatched. But When applied to cheeks it's almost barely there, I don't know, I find this weird and the blush itself is very shimmery. I look like a discoball when I over apply it. I guess this will be a good use if  I use this on top of a blush to create illuminance. Overall, Nothing special with this blush.. this is just so-so for me.


  1. I used to have this blush and while I thought it looked pretty, I agree that it is a tad too shimmery and very sheer on the cheeks. :)

  2. hi pammy :) it looks pretty noh? kaya lang sheer lang sya. I barely use this din. eh..

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