25 October 2010

Chanel ROUGE ALLURE LAQUE in Phoenix

Watch out for my review about this Chanel ROUGE ALLURE LAQUE in Phoenix.

16 October 2010

MAC: Chatterbox

Mac Chatterbox is a bright baby pink color with warm undertones. This lipstick caught my attention, BIG TIME. I love how good it compliments my skin color. ( I am NC30 ) I feel very feminine when I wear this lipstick, It's such a great color, Not too bold and Intense. The color pay-off is great and last really well for me.  :)

MAC: Ravishing

Mac Ravishing is part of cremesheen collex which I adore by the way. I love how it moisturize my lips at least for me. Anyway, Its slightly red-orange on the tube, but when you use it, it's very pretty coral color. I believe this is really great for a summer color.. I use this most often in the office and I love love it. I get good compliments when I wear this lippy. So, if you love corals, you should get this too. :)

12 October 2010

Mini Haul

Can't wait to try this on. Swatches will follow soon. :)
Shout out to orangepulp of GT for being considerate and delivering my items on time. ♥

Review: Multi Cheek Color

(swatches L:Deepthroat R:Multicheekcolor)
This was given to me by MIL. The packaging is simple, this actually reminds me of canmake blush. I like it that it's pigmented when swatched. But When applied to cheeks it's almost barely there, I don't know, I find this weird and the blush itself is very shimmery. I look like a discoball when I over apply it. I guess this will be a good use if  I use this on top of a blush to create illuminance. Overall, Nothing special with this blush.. this is just so-so for me.

FOTD: Day look

Makeup used:
Maybelline Face Powder
Nyx concealer
Nars Taj Mahal
Gold shadow from Sleek palette
Maybeline gel liner
Maybelline cat's eye mascara
Shu curler
Mac Jazzed Lipstick
Nyx Lipgloss in natural

Review: Cargo Topeka

This is my very first Cargo blush. I chose topeka mainly because it's very wearble for everyday. Cargo Topeka' s color is  brownish-pink in pan, but when I apply it directly to my cheeks it's soft pink.. texture wise, it's very smooth, there's a hint of shimmer but not that visible. Cargo blushes retails for $26, I'm not complaining for the price, In my opinion it's very worth it, because the pan is so huge and I think this will last me like forever. Lol .Honestly, this blush is very comparable to nars blushes, they have the same pigmentation and for the staying power, they are almost the same. Both lasted me for like 5-7 hours..
The only thing that I don't like with this, is the packaging, I find it very cheap looking, but it's okay, I can stand it. I can say that I'm in love with this blush. It's definitely worth buying. And I'm looking forward to try other blushes like catalina or tonga

Mac lipsticks shade comparisons

Mac Show Orchid VS. Mac Petals and Peacock
I just thought to compare this two lipstick, I find it very similar. As you can see on the tubes, Both differs  in shade.
Show orchid shows as bright neon pink, while the petals and peacock shows as bright neon pink but more on lilac-y shade.
But when I swatched the two lippies, they totally look similar! as in very similar.. Well, I just thought if you like petals and peacock, and you missed
the mac collection of liberty london, you might wanna get show orchid instead. I believe Mac show orchid is a pro, but I believe it's available in ebay.
That's all, I hope this information helps. :)

Haul: Drugstore &; Blogger's sale

My Collective haul as of September.
See 3 Mac's? These are in Ravishing, Ever hip, Jazzed I only got them for like 15$ each. :)
I'm one happy girl with all my purchases.

EOTN: Smokey Green

1. Maybelline Pressed Powder
2. Nyx concealer in Beige
3.Oceanmist saffron color corrector
1.sleek palette
2.Maybelline eyeliner
3.Elianto bluegreen e/s
4.Avon mascara
1.Mac ever hip lipstick

Collective haul

Mac eyeshadows: esspresso,embark, ricepaper,wedge,honesty,gleam,mylar and soft brown + 2 mineralized shadows Inter-view and Love connection got this from a beauty forum 2 for $5 such a bargain. The Luminous shadows,loose powder and cheek color was given by mom-in law, Bought the MAC ever hip lippy from a friend, this was her back-up. I'm glad she sold this to me :) Lastly, My first ever 219 pencil brush from Mac. :) oh, the red lippy came from mom-inlaw too. she's such a sweetheart isn't she?

I got this pouch from japan, This was given by my mom-inlaw
Hairbands - I got these at night bazaar. 3 for $2 :)

Nars Sertao + yummy japanese chocos

My take:
Nars Setao is my only neutral blush. For me, this is kind of highlighter blush, this is great when you use it as highlighter it gives that subtle glow. I'm still debating if I like this. I'm still having a love-hate relationship towards this, but hopefully I get to utilize this more because I don't want this to seat on my makeup traincase. I'm thinking to use this alone like as a blush.
I wonder what kind of finish will give effect on me. :) hehhehe. Anyway, my MIL just got back from japan and she handed to me this chocolates.
I'm so touched. hehehe she's really kind to me. and oh, she mentioned she bought me also some makeup and hoodies and skirt
oh, can't wait for the packages to arrive..

Review: Purederm Aloe Collagen Mask

What is it:
-100% Natural pulp sheet preventing skin trouble and providing close adhesion to skin
. -Aloe extract skin soothing and moisturizing.
-Collagen and Vitamin E age defying and brightening.
Thoroughly cleanse and dry face. 2. Take out and unfold the mask and apply it on your face. 3. Wear the mask for 15~20 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges.
The effect of this mask is somewhat promising. I felt softness and plumpiness of my skin, feels like I just went to a facial spa. :) and oh, It brightens my face aswell.
How soon did I see the effect & How long will it last?:
well masks like this gives effect  instantly and doesn't last very long. I believe that this type of mask will help immediate refreshening of your skin, Just imagine when the day you need something to liven up your skin, I'm sure this type of mask can do it and save some moolah too!
As far as I remember, I didn't have any allergic reactions with this. It didn't break me out and no bumps sprouting around my chin and cheek area.
I will repurchase again in other variant. I am truly impressive with this mask. It delivers well with what they promise. :) I am happy that I got to try this one.

My Journey to skin beautifying

will post a review as soon as I consume all of these. :)

Nars Schiap Lipstick

My Mac orders

Yey! finally my mac orders are here! :)
**Blush doesn't belong to me.
yey! I'm so excited to show you guys what I got. :)

Review: Aquaphor healing ointment

What is Aquaphor?
Aquaphor Healing Ointment protects dry, cracked or irritated skin to help enhance the natural healing process and restore smooth, healthy skin.
  • Clinically proven to reduce healing time
  • Creates a protective barrier that seals in moisture
  • Helps heal raw, irritated skin caused by radiation treatments, facial resurfacing procedures and Atopic Dermatitis
  • Soothes and helps protect extremely dry, chapped or chafed skin and lips caused by winter weather or diabetes
  • Soothes and protects minor burns
  • Fragrance-free, preservative-free, non-irritating
Eucerin Promise: High quality ingredients and clinically-proven formulas that help keep your skin healthy. Eucerin skin care is safe for sensitive skin and so effective that it's been trusted by dermatologists for years.
My take:
I fely my ever-dry lips became softer, smoother in an instant! and oh, no more flakiness! yay to that!
How soon did I see the effect?
I used this stuff on bedtime, and amazingly after I woke up, I felt the change! I'm super happy!
How long will it last?
It lasted on me like 5 hours, and I'll just re-apply it, and bam no more dry lips for me. Actually after that 5hours, my lips is still soft actually, I just need to reapply because I just want to. :)
Side Effects:
NONE. I find this product amazing!!!!!
** See this before & after pictures to appreciate. This is taken before bed time (Dry and chappy lips) And Morning (Hello, super soft and smooth lips!) **

I didn't re-apply aquaphor here., I just felt my lips is super moisturized. What else can i say? This is my HG Healing ointment for my ever dry lips!

NARS Crazed [Discontinued]

My take:
This blush is a raspberry pink with gold shimmers. Honestly, I like this blush because It gives me the kind of natural blush as if you just finished running,This blush has a great staying power due to its pigmentation.
I believe, this would fit all women of colors. and yes, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY.
There you have it, This is just a little review about this blush. Goodnight!
TIP: When using this blush, make sure you apply this very lightly, due to its intense pigmentation.
one swipe and you're good to go. :]

MAC: Well-dressed Blush

Mac Well-dressed blush is a lovely baby pink color. I bought this knowing that this will be a good baby pink when swiped on my cheeks.
I have read a lot of good reviews about this, unfortunately, this doesn't suit me. It doesn't show up on my nc35 skin. :(I think It would be better if
I purchase pink swoon instead.  I'm so sad that this doesn't suit my skin color, Out of disappointment I swapped this blush for a nars sertao - review coming up! Furthermore, I guess this is just good with fair skin/ cool toned beauties. ugh, I need to find a mac baby pink for myself or nars would be better.
Any suggestions?

NARS: Deepthroat

My take:
Deep Throat is a peachy pink blush with a small amount of gold shimmer. The shimmers are barely noticeable unless you look closely.
This blush is one of my favorite it gives me that natural-blushing-skin. And oh, when my cheeks starts to get oily it blends out and it gives me a dewy look.
I personally think this suits for all skintone. Pigmentation of this blush is just amazing. For your reference, I am NC35.  I'm still itching to try more nars blush. hahaha.. talk about spending much of your hard earned money for this blush but it's okay. Atleast I'm happy :)

PS: This could be an HG blush for me.

Mac: Lazy Day lipstick

Lazy Day lipstick from the collection of MAC to the Beach.

Lazy day is a Lustre finished lipstick described as a light dirty blue pink by mac.
I personally think that this lipstick is a cool toned lippy, It is indeed a gorgeous pink lipstick though it's too sheer on me, I don't know why, It  doesn't show up onto my lips, maybe because my lips is very pigmented. However, I tried experimenting this lippy, I mixed upOCC Hush and this one, and It gave me a nudey pink lippy which I loved  to bits! I also like the packaging looks cute though.

I'm looking forward to get Jazzed lipstick and on the scene lipgloss from MAC Collection in the groove. (I believe it's already oos @ Mac online but,  I'm hoping MAC Philippines still have this stock. or else, I'm dead!)
That's all for tonight! Goodnight Beauties!

Benefit Coralista

This is my very first Benefit blush. I couldn't believe that I just owned it now. gahh! I super like the color pay-off! It's corally and very sheen, just a perfect color for summer. When you wear this blush, It gives you that glowing skin which I loove!  This blush is just Gorgeous, Gorgeous.  Btw, I didn't include any swatch of this blush because I forgot to take a shot, but I know there are tons of swatches of this because a lot of beauty bloggers already reviewed this blush. :] but, if you still want a swatch of this, just let me know okay?

That's all for tonight! Goodnight beauties!

Avon Super extend mascara

I was not too impressed when I first used this, I feel like it just define and lengthen a bit, nothing dramatic/volumizing. After playing around with it, I have come to like it much better. This mascara works best if you apply it on 3 coats, By this technique, It will make your lashes  longer .
The mascara doesn't dry or flakes atleast for me. Overall, I'm happy with it, but I'm still  looking out for a mascara that will give volume and make my lashes longer at the same time.